• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  bird
  • Size:  20cm x 16cm

Peacock glass baubles from our ExArte collections are among the most beautiful and the most difficult to make.

These are large, multi-piece glass forms with very rich and intricate decorations, interpreting the splendor and beauty of peacock feathers. Peacock baubles, which we offer you here, are distinguished by one more thing - true majesty, truly royal dignity. The peacock is presented in a sitting position, facing away from us - thanks to this, its magnificent train made of unfolded feathers is clearly visible. His head, slightly turned towards us, is decorated with a golden crown.

The colors of our glass baubles are dominated by blue with a slight turquoise tint. The background is covered with tiny glass balls, thanks to which it sparkles and shimmers beautifully. In turn, the decoration of peacock feathers is a real feast of sapphire and golden tones and a wealth of materials used: glitters, varnishes and tiny glass balls. The whole thing is given additional glow by beautiful rainbow crystals.

The beauty of this bird, the symbolic meanings it carries, all these factors constitute the constant delight that peacocks arouse. Our glass Christmas baubles express this admiration for sure.

48,54 EUR
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