• Colour:  green
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  heart
  • Size:  7cm x 5cm

Emerald - a term with beautiful connotations.

On one hand, it is associated with the elegance and luxury of expensive stones, on the other, with wonderful lush nature, with the color of dense forests or deep seas. The emerald color itself is captivating, luminous and certainly refined.
The Christmas glass baubles presented here delight the eyes with this wonderful color. Our emerald hearts are translucent, covered with glossy varnish. The decoration of the baubles is made of glitter loops, reminiscent of the shape of a three-leaf clover. They shimmer with gold and shades of green, and their convex structure brings to mind intricate embroidery with decorative threads.
Our hand-painted baubles are often decorated with crystal stones. This is the case with the hearts presented here, the central part of which is decorated with shiny emerald tears placed around a golden amber.

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