• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 8cm

From the entire wide spectrum of visible light, let's focus for a moment on its lowest wavelengths.

Yes! This is what purple, blue and greens are registered by our eye - a beautiful spectrum! We are delighted to find them in nature, in the colors of bird feathers, flowers, waters of lakes and seas, or in shining scales of tempting mythical mermaids ... These delightful colors, and especially their combination, has become an inspiration for our Christmas baubles, which we would like to present to you here.
This time we decided not to apply a decorative ornament or painting to the decoration. This glass sphere owes all its decorativeness to its beautiful colors. The baubles were covered with fine, shimmering glitter all over their surface. Greens dominate here, blinks of blue, pomegranates and purples. The counterpoint for this blaze of colorful background tones are regularly spaced black gems and rainbow pearls. The simplicity and economy of these decorative elements, combined with the vibrant and rich background colors, is the elegance, charm and decorativeness of our baubles.

12,20 EUR
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