• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 8cm

All fans of glass Christmas tree baubles are perfectly aware of the fact that the variety of these decorations is straightforward limitless.

It is wonderful that so many of them, especially hand-decorated baubles amaze with their design and workmanship. In addition, we are happy when Christmas tree baubles are endowed with subtle, radiant grace.
Certainly, to such decorations belong Christmas baubles – balls – presented here. The popular theme of small flowers and suspended rich garlands has been captured in this case with natural simplicity and captivating charm. Here we have a beautiful combination of golden background of the bauble and stylised red petals of evenly spaced flowers. Delicate glitter lines and garlands from golden balls intersect this symmetrical flowerbed and thus break the order or the composition. Glass pebbles used in ornaments perfectly enrich the classic combination of dominant colours: gold and red. They are a dark pink crystals that join garlands together and distinctive, protuberant pearls that constitute as centres of flowers. Each pearl shines with beautiful, rainbow colours and adds a subtle beauty to the whole bauble.

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