• Colour:  burgundy red
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  tree topper
  • Size:  42cm x 10cm

With utmost pride and joy, we present to you the exceptional glass baubles for Christmas trees - our latest tree-toppers.

Christmas tree-topper is the most visible ornament on a Christmas tree, crowning all decorations and giving everything its final shape and class. Therefore, creating this particular bauble is a very long and laborious process, starting from the design, through the extremely difficult process of blowing out its shape, to applying the designed ornaments to all parts of the decoration.

Our tree-topper Christmas baubles are covered in glossy varnish in an elegant colour of deep burgundy. The main motif of the decoration are styled fans and garlands. They look like created by frost or ice crystals – this is thanks to the small glass beads filling the ornamental elements. Delicate gold glitter adds warmth to the outlines of fans. Dark background is additionally lightened with beautiful large glass diamonds – round and in the shape of teardrops. The whole decoration creates a beautiful composition that's elegant and expressive.

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