• Colour:  blue-turquoise
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  13cm x 8cm

Christmas tree baubles in the shape of a large egg are extremely decorative original ornaments for our Christmas trees.

In most cases, baubles in such a shape are modelled after famous Faberge eggs, created by a distinguished goldsmith and jeweller, Peter Carl Faberge. Hence the popular name for these Christmas baubles - Faberge eggs. Their main features include a reference to the classic ornaments, richness of decorations and sophisticated details.

Our Christmas baubles, eggs presented here, are a perfect example of the group of decorations described above. A golden garland, bunches of grapes on golden leaves, brocade grid and shiny crystal sapphires and diamonds – everything creates an elegant, stylish decoration. The very colours of the baubles makes them unusual: our egg combines two splendid shades of blue – turquoise and azure. Please also note the type of varnishes used to create the egg's background. These are the so-called frozen varnishes that, after being applied on the surface of the baubles, crystalize and create beautiful drawings, as if inspired by frost drawings on windows.

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