• Colour:  blue-turquoise
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  bird
  • Size:  16cmx 11cm

To capture a bird in flight - it really is not an easy task! Especially, when it is not a photograph or drawing, but a glass Christmas tree bauble ...

Each one of us is perfectly aware of limitations of glass blowing technology and hardships of forming such shape. But! Our Christmas baubles presented here perfectly completed this task. Beautiful glass birds with outspread wings freely glide between Christmas tree branches.
Such baubles are an interesting and original decoration not only thanks to its unique form. We ask you to notice the captivating colouring of our birds. The dominant colour is saturated, strong turquoise colour, which transitions into dark sapphire colour on the edges of wings. The colours of lacquers are reinforced by glitters kept in the same tonality. They also add a shining gloss to the whole composition.
Unique decoration for unique Christmas!

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