• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  7,5cm

Here you can see our magnificent egg-shaped glass ball, prepared especially for Easter and spring decorations.

Although they differ in terms of shape, our egg could resemble a traditional Easter egg. The surface of the ball was covered with white matt paint and look like limestone crust. However, its beautiful shape and glass hook which allows for hanging the ball for example on spring branches, instantly reminds us that this is actually a graceful and noble glass ornament.

We encourage you to pay some attention to the ornaments of our ball. The surface of the egg is covered with evenly spread pansies in bloom. The ornament admirably depicts the multiple colours of the flowers: there are yellow, burgundy, blue, dark and light blue and lilac petals - just like in nature! The way of painting resembles the watercolour technique with its multiple-stage colouring and shading.

The Pansies egg fits nicely with our set of two eggs with similar ornaments. We encourage you to use all of our pansy balls in your decorations. You are welcome to see the collection.

10,98 EUR
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