• Colour:  green
  • Material:  glas
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  13cm x 8cm

This is a light and delicate bauble with a graceful and subtle decoration.

The shape of the egg, by associating with the symbolic Easter eggs, brings to our mind the early spring. In this case, the effect of nature waking up after winter was emphasised by the beautiful green background and floral decoration.

Our egg bauble is semi-transparent, so that the decoration on the other side shines through in the form of delicate shadows. It is a very interesting decorative trick which breaks the dominant colour scheme. The decoration itself is gold, performed with lacquer and glitter: golden branches with clusters of lily of the valley flowers grow out of the gold leaves at the bottom of the bauble. The flowers are made of pearls, so the green background and the gold details are complemented by a third colour of glittering pearl white.

If your decorations need a refreshing, springtime touch, then the lily of the valley egg bauble will be perfect!

19,27 EUR
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