• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  13cm x 8cm

The glass egg baubles with birds that are presented herein deserve a great deal of attention.

The decoration of this embellishment and its manufacture is an example of a true artistry of both decorative art and painting. Please, believe us – it is extremely time-consuming too!

The theme of the bauble is simple – here, we have birds that are sitting on branches of flowering apple tree. This popular theme is presented in a masterful and pictorial manner – with paint alone, without brocades or pastes that are characteristic for Christmas decoration. The brush strokes are delicate and glaze and the elaborate details are made with incredible precision. The presentation of the scene itself is just picturesque! A lovely duet of fluffy, colorful birds that returned after winter, sprinkled with early branch flowers – this is the essence of spring.

The coloration of the egg is also beautiful. Light-opal background cooperates with pastel colors of the decoration: the pink of the petals and blueness and brown of the birds. A coherent and sparing composition of the entire design is both decorative and classy. It is a truly special bauble!

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