• Colour:  red-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  10cm x 8cm x 2,5cm

We present here very interesting glass Christmas baubles, inspired by the beauty of pocket watches.

Pocket watches, otherwise known as chain watches, have been a sign of wealth and splendor for many years. The best jewelers worked on their external form, creating real small works of art. To this day, pocket watches enjoy recognition and prestige, especially among connoisseurs and experts in the art of watchmaking.
Christmas tree baubles could not miss such a wonderful source of inspiration! We at ExArte have also created two baubles for you - glass watches, both in retro style: a watch with rubines presented here, and a silver watch. Please pay attention to the beautiful color of the envelope and watch face - it is a noble and elegant dark red. The envelope is decorated with a wonderful, convex floral ornament, covered with gold varnish and framed with gold glitter. The watch face is surrounded by a wreath of shiny diamonds and red rubines, adding all the splendor. Diamonds and rubines are also decorated with the back of the baubles.
Our bauble watch shows 10 minutes to two. According to watchmakers, this arrangement of hands symbolizes a cheerful smile. We wish everyone such a smile during Christmas!

16,83 EUR
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