• Colour:  ruby
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  13cm x 8cm

We present to you glass Christmas baubles - large Faberge-style eggs.

They may easily be considered as the best examples of the collection “Chic and Glamour” which these ornaments are a part of. These Christmas baubles, according to the name of the collection, are richly decorated and full of classic elegance at the same time.

The coloring of the egg itself is very royal: a combination of dark claret, vivid redness and glossing gold. The decoration is dominated by symmetrical, regular divisions that we refer to as windows. The center of each field is decorated with shiny diamond-shaped ruby. In turn, at the cap itself and at the bottom of the bauble, we have certain variation of the main motive – here, golden lines create a shape of large tears, and the rubies are oval. The entire decoration is enriched with glitter details: golden and fine one at borders, coarse one in dots on golden lines and golden-red in rhombuses themselves.

Glass hand-decorated ornaments stand out due to their uniqueness of both design and craftsmanship. Our eggs are the best evidence of that.

16,83 EUR
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