• Colour:  white-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  13cm x 8cm

Glass Christmas baubles in the shape of an egg, beautifully and richly decorated, are usually called Faberge eggs.

The origin of this name can be easily explained as the jeweller's eggs created by Peter Carl Faberge for the Russian tsarist family serve as inspiration for these exceptional Christmas baubles. The truth is Faberge created his famous eggs for Easter rather than Christmas but the concept remained the same: creating a sophisticated and beautiful ornament of timeless elegance and class.

Tsarist eggs were made from the most expensive ores and precious stones but our Christmas baubles can also be proud of the materials they were made of: high quality glass subjected to manual treatment, high quality varnishes and golden paints, glass and crystal beads in beautiful colours.

Let's begin with the last ones: to decorate our eggs, we mostly use large crystal rubies in deep intensive red colour. Grey glass topazes serve as counterbalance forming the centre of styled golden palmettes. Numerous bright diamonds adorn places where the golden grid is cut in central sections of the Christmas bauble.

Symmetrical ornaments of our egg refer to the classic designs, are balanced and chic. They gleam with gold details and glowing stones. A true gem!

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