• Dimensions:  27cm x 7cm

We present here elegant and beautifully decorated glass Christmas tree topper, designed for smaller Christmas trees.

The height of our topper is 27 centimeters, so it will look great as the culmination of Christmas tree decorations below 1.5 meters.

The topper decoration is very original. Instead of the popular ornamental decoration, we have a white and gold winter landscape here. In the foreground is a spreading hut, in the background devoid of leaves trees and a winding road. The background of the tree topper is milky white and contrasts wonderfully with the dark gold, monochromatic decoration. Please pay attention to the material from which the decoration was made: it is a fine convex glitter, beautifully shimmering in the light. The whole decoration is complemented by numerous transparent crystals.

19,27 EUR
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