• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  10cm

There is a reason why the famous carol “Silent Night” has been translated into as many as 300 languages.

 It describes the events of Christmas night in the most beautiful way, a quiet, peaceful, holy and bright night. These very terms became the inspiration for our painting view on a glass Christmas tree bauble, which we present to you here.

The colour scheme of our bauble is subdued and very bright. If you are looking for white baubles, this winter bauble will certainly fit into the collection. Various shades of white are definitely its predominant colours, with a few accents of dim green and dark brown.

The main action of our scene takes place in the background. We see a village church in the distance and people heading towards it. Judging by the star shining brightly in the sky, they are gathering for a watch-night service. There is peace and quiet all around, with snow caps on the trees and houses. This beautiful mood has been rendered in a truly painterly manner, with light brushstrokes and glazing. The bauble decoration is further illuminated by the sparkling glitter used in the detailing.

16,10 EUR
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