• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 12cm

Candlelight, the light of lanterns and torches – we always consider them good.

They evoke nostalgic memories, such as images of festive Christmas meetings, or simply remind us that our ancestors lived and celebrated various occasions in the light produced by them. This is why both candles and lanterns form a very popular motif of Christmas decorations. And this why we do have to have such baubles in our offer! Of course, we offer glass baubles in the form of lantern figurines and candles but taking advantage of the opportunity, we would like to present a completely different decoration. It is a beautiful big ball bauble (it is 12 cm in diameter) with a lantern motif in decoration.

The scenery, emphasized by the white colour of the background, is thoroughly wintry. Everything is covered by a thick layer of snow: the pine branches on which the lantern is suspended, the branches of the holly visible below, and the brown lantern itself.  But the mood of our bauble is cheerful and serene: the lantern, illuminated by the glow of the candle placed inside, evokes with its light and warmth the little birds that gather around it.

Glass bauble with hand-painted decoration makes a unique stand-alone decoration. And if you add to it your favourite motif of lanterns with birds, you have a decoration that creates a warm and touching mood. Truly festive!

21,95 EUR
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