• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 12cm

Glass Christmas baubles, which reflect winter landscapes in their decorations or depict winter scenes, create a unique group among Christmas decorations.

They are, like all hand-decorated glass baubles, very decorative and they perfectly trim Christmas arrangements. But at the same time, they fulfill another, extremely important role. These Christmas balls tell stories. They build a mood and evoke emotions. They bring back memories.
Our Little Girl with a Doe is certainly one of the most beautiful and heart-touching mini-stories. Here is a harsh, cold winter, fields and forests covered in white and ice-bound. But a beautiful doe can count on help. A little girl brings her a whole basket of fresh twigs. As a greeting, the girl strokes the doe, which submits to this caress willingly and with confidence. There will be a feast!
This endearing subject has been expressed in a way that deserves special attention. The colors of the bauble are based on the contrast of the dominant whiteness of the landscape with the expressive colors of the main characters. Tiny crystals and shiny white glitter illuminate the details. The figures of the girl and the doe have been rendered in a painterly manner, in the style of old Christmas postcards or vintage illustrations.

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