• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 10cm

Glass Christmas tree baubles, which we present to you, can be boldly considered to be one of the best examples of popular “winter” baubles.

This name has been used for years to describe Christmas tree baubles presenting winter landscapes and winter scenes. They are decorations that perfectly fit the aura of holidays and frosty atmosphere of Christmas. These baubles usually constitute as an independent decoration, most often as a bauble on a rack, but they also look beautifully on a Christmas tree.
Our baubles named “In winter robe”, similarly to all the best “winter” baubles, are quite atmospheric and even nostalgic. The presented view brings back memories from the past or connexions with old photos or paintings. Single house, stream, and forest – all of that covered in warm, reddish light, detached, and poetic. The landscape is animated only by white snow that shines on the vast fields, snow cap on the roof, and between tree branches. This beautiful decoration will certainly add beauty to each holiday decor.

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