• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 12cm

Landscape painting quite often enriches the presented views with staffage - such landscape contains a human or animal silhouette.

Our Christmas tree baubles with the presented winter scene reinterpret this tradition – the silhouettes of birds are openly on the foreground, while the winter landscape is a background. Thanks to this procedure, the baubles have gained a significant uniqueness. It also raises warm emotions – birds, even in winter, are always touching!
Our balls with landscapes are hand painted baubles, thus it is worth to focus for a while on the decoration itself. The asymmetric pine branch surrounds the upper part of the ornament. On this branch sit two birds – great tits with yellowish bellies. They are facing each other and look like they have a conversation. They do not fear snowy winter presented below. Both decoration plans are captured in colour contrast: in the foreground we have a subdued green and colours of birds’ feathers. The background is almost monochromatic and russet - like watercolour made in sepia.
Our landscape bauble with birds is a big ball with diameter of 12 cm. Aside from decorating a Christmas tree, it will perfectly prove itself as an independent decoration, for example, a bauble hanged in a window or bauble on a rack. We encourage you to order it!

21,95 EUR
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