Led Christmas lights from the Light Creations collection of the Belgian company Globall Concept, known for high quality, aesthetic design and long lifespan.

There is a reason why the presented Christmas lights are called Speed - the time needed for decorating a Christmas tree with them is really exceptionally short! This is the result of a completely new idea: Instead of a traditional rope with little bulbs, we have a loop - to put it on the top of the tree - with separate ropes of lamps radiating out, led vertically down the Christmas tree. They can be put on the branches in a convenient and easy way. We encourage you to see a very short video, presenting how easily and really quickly we put the whole set on a Christmas tree. (link to YouTube here)
The offered set is best suited for a tree with the height of approximately 2m. It includes 280 LED bulbs placed on a cable in green colour. Light of the lamps is white with a warm colour. 

37,80 EUR
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