• Colour:  green
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  8cm

Nature constantly inspires artists in all fields of art.

Also designers and decorators of glass Christmas tree baubles. And this is how figurine baubles or decorations on ball baubles are created, which try to faithfully reflect the beauty of the original from nature. But sometimes a motif from the real world is only a hint, only a leaven for the work and imagination of the creator. Next comes the fantasy!

The ball bauble presented here has a similar decoration. The green leaves and red fruits of the real bush were the starting point for the floral decoration, which grew further according to the designer's imagination. The color scheme itself differs from the actual original. The background of the bauble has a beautiful, saturated mint color. Such are the brocade leaves of the bush. In turn, the second shrub has oblong green leaves with white edges. The main decoration of the bauble are fruits - red made of rubies and white made of pearls. Our bauble is very original and graceful. We invite you!

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