• Colour:  wielokolorowy
  • Material:  szkło
  • Shape:  kula
  • Size:  8cm

Transparent Christmas baubles from our forest collection attracted your attention and became very popular.

We are very happy about it! Transparent forest baubles ExArte online store has for you in many different shapes, such as spheres, ellipsoids or hearts. However, they all share a common concept of a similar floral decoration inspired by forest flora.

This was also the decorative idea behind the creation of the Christmas tree bauble presented here. The background is clear, transparent glass. Thanks to it, we can also see what is on the back of the baubles at the same time as we see the frontal decoration. Our ball is decorated with freely distributed branches of forest shrubs with red fruit made of glass beads. You can see that the first frost has just arrived. He frosted the leaves with silvery brocade and covered the fruit with white rime. Winter is just around the corner!

Our Christmas tree bauble is delicate, romantic and beautifully made. It is worth thinking about it before Christmas.

14,15 EUR
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