• Colour:  zielony
  • Material:  szkło
  • Shape:  kula
  • Size:  10cm

We can proudly admit that the glass Christmas baubles from our forest collection have been highly appreciated for a long time.

Figurine baubles predominate in this collection, but we also try to transfer wonderful forest motifs to traditional baubles or balls. One of such examples just before you.

In our Enchanted Forest, the night is dark green. The gloom is illuminated by golden glitter stars visible between the branches of muted white glitter. Please pay attention to the very background of the baubles. The green is deep with a wonderful shade of forest thickets. This effect was achieved thanks to the use of a special structural varnish. It is contrasted with golden pearls and glitter in decorations.

The bauble is very picturesque and will certainly add variety to your Christmas tree!

16,83 EUR
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