• Colour:  green
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  16cm

The green lantern we present to you here is an entirely handmade glass Christmas tree bauble.

Its shape is reminiscent of the old gas lanterns that illuminated streets and parks. A beautiful and nostalgic theme! In addition, our lantern brings a whiff of cold and snowy winter. Please take a look at the intricate painting created by the frost on its transparent glass panes.

The colour scheme of our bauble is green and silver. The green itself, called emerald, has a distinct metallic sheen and is sure to stand out well in the thicket of Christmas tree branches. In contrast, the lantern decoration is bright. It is a silver decoration on the canopy, the glass panes and the underside of the lantern. An important variety is the green twig with leaves, wrapping around the edge of the canopy. And, of course, the crystals ─  green on the canopy and bottom and transparent in the corners of the glass panes.

Our Christmas lantern bauble looks very good as an individual decoration, e.g. hung in a window or as a bauble on a stand.

19,27 EUR
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