• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  medallion
  • Size:  10cm

We would like to present here a very original and very beautiful artistic glass bauble

The very form of this bauble is rare – it is a flat medallion, a very difficult shape to blow, completely incomparable to the popular sphere.

The theme of this Christmas tree bauble is sure to please everyone. It is a pair of birds surrounded by a garland of forest treasures: pinecones, holly berries and red berries. As you can tell straight away from their distinctive red bellies, we are dealing with everyone's favourite bullfinches. Although these birds can be found at our latitude all year round, they are most common in winter, when they search for food in small flocks in the trees.

The back of the bauble is entirely covered with tiny glass balls. It looks like the surface of sparkling white snow. You are welcome! Both to hang a pair of gilas on your own Christmas tree or to make this charming Christmas bauble a nice gift.

21,71 EUR
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