• Colour:  siilver
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  14cm x 9cm

Christmas baubles that can convey the most important message and mood of Christmas are the most beautiful glass decorations that can adorn our Christmas home.

Certainly, the bauble presented here belongs to such Christmas tree decorations. The touching scene with an angel in the form of a little girl, lovingly wrapping a shawl around a frozen bird, is extremely appealing to the imagination. The figurine exudes real warmth, love and care for the weaker. It's like a traditional Polish home plate and chair, waiting for an unknown wanderer during the Christmas Eve supper.

Our angels are hand-painted glass baubles. The winter mood is emphasized by the colors of the bauble: the white of the angel's robe and the silvery of her magnificent wings. The wreath and the pattern on the robe are branches of holly, perhaps the most festive floral motif. They have been meticulously painted with varnishes and glitters in three shades of green. Small, convex glass beads, imitating red oval holly, beautifully diversify this pattern. The whole thing is enlivened by one more color - it is the deep brown of the bird's feathers and the lush curls of the angel. Please feel invited!

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