• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  medallion 
  • Size:  10cm x 4cm

The glass medallion, which we would like to recommend you here, can be used not only as a Christmas tree bauble decorating your Christmas tree.

The elegant shape of our bauble and its beautiful decoration predispose it to the role of an independent ornament which can be displayed on a special stand or hung on a ribbon.

Our bauble has the shape of a classic round medallion with a decoration on the front side. We see here a beautifully depicted pair of cardinals – a red male and a yellow female. Both birds are distinguished by a characteristic black mask and a beautiful feathered topknot. The birds are surrounded by classic Christmas flora: poinsettias, holly fruit, and twigs with pinecones. All this is presented in a beautiful painterly manner with shading and a sophisticated play of colours. The back of the bauble, on the other hand, was sprinkled with a layer of tiny glass balls. It looks like it's covered with sparkling frost. Please acquaint yourself with the offer!

19,27 EUR
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