• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  17cm x 8,5cm

This is where Santa Claus has come to our Enchanted Forest!

This time he is carrying a basket full of grains as a gift. Graceful colorful birds have already surrounded him ...
Glass Christmas baubles Santa Claus has been one of the most popular figurine baubles for years. The figure of Santa Claus is presented in a variety of ways, from the traditional images of the holy bishop, to - especially in the American market - quite frivolous characters practicing summer sports. We adhere to tradition, although we care very much about the original and graceful presentation of this omnipresent image. Just like the glass Santa Claus with birds presented here - this is a character full of warmth and heartfulness.
Like all ExArte artistic baubles, Santa Claus with birds is an example of the best Polish handicraft. The decoration of the bauble was made with great care and attention to every detail, such as small pockets on an elegant Santa's vest or the decoration of a golden basket. The colors of the decorations are dominated by saturated dark reds, broken with golden details. The whole thing is full of charm and real class.

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