• Colour:  green-red
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  heart
  • Size:  9cm x 8,5cm

Christmas glass baubles - hearts from our forest collection definitely stand out from all the hearts that the ExArte store offers.

In addition to purely decorative values, we have a clear and beautiful message here. Each heart symbolizes love, but the "Close to nature” bauble, through its decoration based on floral motifs, clearly indicates who the addressee is this time. Of course - nature.
Glass baubles presented here are translucent, covered with shiny green varnish. In the foreground there are red matte pearls - these are fruits of holly. They are surrounded by brocade green leaves, separated by white glitter dots - snowballs. The edges of the heart are decorated with a wide strip of red glitter, animated with green dots. This underlines the traditional red and green colors of our decorations. Thus, despite the innovative theme and decorating for the heart, these baubles fit into the classic current of Christmas decorations.

14,39 EUR
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