• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 8cm

The transparent baubles have been popular for a very long time.

They may be completely clear – just light glass Christmas baubles that perfectly fit subtle, winter decorations. These may also come in the form of transparent glass baubles, but decorated. These are the ornaments that we would like to present to You.

The decorations of the sphere presented herein refer to the Christmas tree – the ornaments were inspired by richness and beauty of the coniferous forest. The branches with spruce, pine or larch needles, processed with lacquers and green glitter surround the transparent surface of the bauble. Since the ornament has no background, the branches can be seen from each side of the sphere. They look as if they were moved by a wind blow, as if they were caught in a joyful dancing circle.

Decorations on our bauble are supplemented by glass crystals– red blueberries that wonderfully contrast the greenness of the branches.

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