• Colour:  red
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  8cm x 7cm , 7cm x 4cm

Toadstools are one of the oldest and the most beloved Christmas tree decorations.

Each of us surely remembers them from our childhood or holidays spent with older family members. We have made every effort to make our toadstool bauble figurines bring back these best traditions and the most beautiful memories.
In the Magic Forest, there is nothing dangerous about toadstools. They are simply one of the most beautiful decorations of our magic mulch: picturesque, colourful and cheerful. In fact, in nature, these expressive spotted hats enliven the forest darkness with bright red. And our glass baubles will beautifully decorate the Christmas tree.
We have prepared for you a complete set of a toadstool family. Three of them are baubles concentrated in a small group with an attached clip, used to pin ornaments to branches. The fourth toadstool is a hanging bauble, with its size adjusted to the other ones.
All of our mushrooms are of course hand-decorated baubles. Stipes are covered in white varnish and green "grassy" paints. Hats shine with strong red with opalescent gloss. They contrast with typical white dots, made of shiny pearls. Please note one more detail: a lovely glass ladybug, resting under the red hat.

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