• Colour:  brown
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  10cm x 8cm

Squirrels – agile, fast and with unusual grace – inadvertently arouse great affection!

They are a true attraction of our parks and forests – a meeting with them is always a great pleasure. Even, if they show themselves only from afar and sneak among the thicket of branches like a red glimmer.....
Glass Christmas tree baubles have been inspired by the richness of nature for years. Among Christmas tree decorations, there are many examples of fascination with the world of flora and fauna – there are numerous bauble figurines imitating the shapes of plants, birds and small animals. This group also includes our Christmas tree bauble – small red squirrel. Covered with its wonderful fluffy tail, it sat down for a moment, wielding a real treasure in its hands – a beautiful cone. It will be a feast!
The presented squirrels, just as all the remaining ornaments from our shop, are of course hand-made and hand-painted. The colour of our squirrel is created by painting layers of a beautiful, dark golden varnish with a copper gloss. This varnish is additionally covered with tiny glass globules, giving the ball a special texture and sparkling shine. The cone itself has a separate decoration: the brown metallic background is decorated brown with brown glitter and embellished with many glass ambers.

15,85 EUR
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