• Colour:  brown
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  10cm x 6cm

In biology, mushrooms form a tremendous kingdom.

It includes approximately one million species, living in each climate zone. Impressive! However, in our everyday lives, we focus only on 40 of them: on the ones coming from our forests, delicacies for mushroom pickers.
When creating the presented Christmas baubles, we were thinking about such mushrooms - coming from the forest, smelling of wet mulch and needle-cover.
Our mushrooms, just like all hand-made and hand-decorated baubles, are made very carefully with great attention to details. Our mushroom has a glittering stipe, covered with brown varnish and a magnificent, distinctive hat. Decoration of the cap was made of glitters of different grammage, from fine and delicate to shale glitter. An additional advantage lies in beautiful colours of used glitters – deep, intensive bronzes.
Mushroom bauble figurines are very traditional ornaments, known and popular from the very beginnings of creating glass Christmas tree decorations. Our mushrooms refer to this tradition, they also remind you of your best childhood memories. And they beautifully adorn the Christmas tree!

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