• Colour:  brown
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  6cm x 8cm

We all really like hedgehogs!

This unique animal, covered with five thousand sharp spikes, is in fact our great ally, effectively combatting pests. But their useful role is not the only reason for their popularity – they also amaze with their appearance and grace, and their mysterious - mainly nocturnal - lifestyle arouses curiosity.
No wonder that hedgehog toys or mascots also enjoy high demand. Same with hedgehog baubles, decorating our Christmas trees.
The presented hedgehogs are of course hand-made baubles, made with attention to details and with the use of precious materials. The background of the bauble is in beautiful bronzes with metallic gloss. In turn, the main decoration – hedgehog's spikes – is made of glitters of diverse structure, in shades of brown and chocolate. The hedgehog itself is attached to a metal clip, used for attaching the ornament to branches.
Glass hedgehogs are offered to you by Christmas tree baubles online shop ExArte in two collections. We have a grey hedgehog in our "Frost cover" collection: it is a typical urban hedgehog, traversing parks and backyards at night. In turn, baubles figurines - brown hedgehogs presented here are certainly inhabitants of forests, like other animals in this collection. Which one to choose? We advise: both!

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