• Colour:  silver-grey
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  bird
  • Size:  15cm x 6cm

Owls – these magnificent birds have always amazed and attracted attention.

Recognised as quite mysterious – after all, they mostly lead a nocturnal lifestyle – they have already become a symbol of wisdom and knowledge in ancient Greece. It is difficult to find more impressive associations!
Christmas baubles have been always drawing inspirations from the rich world of nature. Owl bauble figurines are certainly one of the most likeable and popular motives.
Our ExArte shop is pleased to offer you the whole collection of beautiful owls. We have bauble figurines of golden and silver owls; hanging and fixed on clips. In turn, the presented baubles - grey owls attempt to imitate nature and the appearance of a real bird as closely as possible. These are also the largest owls of our collections.
Decoration of the grey owl is elaborate and really difficult – after all, it should imitate the fluffiness and lightness of real feathers. First, glazed varnishes are laid on them, then shaded glitters, and finally tiny glass balls. Please note the beautiful and characteristic owl eyes – made of shiny brown flat half-pearls.

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