• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  Santa
  • Size:  18cm x 12cm

Our Santa Claus knows what the most important thing for the world is right now.

It's caring for nature, respecting its rights and protecting its goods. It's love for nature. Instead of a bag of gifts, our Santa Claus carries a big basket, full of delicacies for forest animals. The first deer have already rushed to him and they are hugging him, full of confidence and loyalty.
Santa is probably the most common figurative Christmas glass bauble, presented in various manners. Our baubles Santa with deer certainly stands out in this great group: thanks to its beautiful, warm climate of the presented scene and the richness of detailed, elaborate decoration. Please note the back of Santa Claus' jacket, meticulously decorated with gold and red crystals, separated with gold rhombi. Or the deer’s fur, beautifully reconstructed with brush strokes of a painter. Connoisseurs and enthusiasts know that this magnificent effect can be obtained only in hand-painted artistic baubles.

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