• Colour:  navy blue
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  ball
  • Size:  diameter 8cm

We present you Christmas baubles – spheres, called Snowberries.

Their name comes of course from the well-known shrubs, grown often in parks and gardens. Their fruit – characteristic white blueberries enliven the leafless winter landscape. They are also a beautiful design for Christmas tree decorations, inspired by the richness of nature.

The presented baubles are covered with a glossy varnish in deep, navy blue colour of a night sky. The glitter decoration stretches from the cap down - leaves in shades of light and dark green. Our snowberries are concentrated at the very cap - white pearls and convex white glitter. The whole composition is very original: white and green, the richly embellished upper part of the ornament contrasts with the smooth, navy blue gloss of the lower part.

Spherical glass Christmas baubles are the most universal ornament. They magnificently adorn any Christmas arrangement.

12,20 EUR
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