• Colour:  red-green
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  15cm x 2cm

The Christmas tree candies in a form of sticks have a very long history.

The story goes that it appeared for the first time as gifts for children in 1670 in Cologne, Germany. They were ordered by a bishop who wanted to entertain children during a Christmas service. To the traditional simple candy a hand was added - thus the candy was supposed to look like a stick of shepherd from Bethlehem. In turn, glass baubles in shape of stocks appeared on Christmas trees already in 1880s. So one cannot not have it in our shop!
Our Christmas candy baubles are the essence of traditional Christmas colours. A semitransparent background is beautifully red and perfectly contrasts with the colours of sweet stripes. The white were made with paint, while the green - with glitter. Thanks to vivid colours, these baubles will beautifully enliven a Christmas tree.
The first and oldest candies - Christmas tree sticks had the flavour of mint. And what about ours? You need to check it ...

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