• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  11 x 9 x 7cm

What better way to warm up during winter days than hot, aromatic chocolate or hot cocoa? Our glass figurine bauble reminds us of this.

A mug of hot chocolate is not only an excellent source of energy, but also a way to improve your mood and create a cozy atmosphere at home. The chocolate melts gently in the mouth, providing a feeling of pleasant warmth and pleasure. It can be decorated with whipped cream, chocolate pieces or sprinkles, which increases the taste and aesthetic value of the drink. A mug of hot chocolate can be a perfect companion for moments of relaxation in front of the fireplace or evening meetings with friends.

Our Christmas glass bauble reproduces all these values. The capacious red mug is decorated with an inscription in a fancy font and white snowflakes with glass crystals. Whipped cream is piled on top, shiny with white glitter. It is decorated with a brown gingerbread man and a gingerbread star and two peppermint candies: a green one in the shape of a cane and the other red one in the shape of a lollipop. Everything is very tasty - come and visit us!

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