• Colour:  pink
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  14cm x 5,5cm

Glass Christmas baubles modeled on sweets, ice cream, cakes and desserts are one of the most popular ornaments.

They are both very decorative and also evoke extremely tasty associations. Here we have something really delicious for you - it is a glass bauble -  raspberry shake. It looks great and - as befits hand-made baubles - it is distinguished by an interesting decoration that definitely deserves closer attention.

Our shake is served in a slender clear glass, decorated with delicate white glitter rims. The dessert has certainly been chilled, please see the glass surface glistening from freezing. An abundant cap of whipped cream, painted with white enamel, also attracts attention. It is diversified by streaks of raspberry glaze in a beautiful red color. And one more detail of the decoration is worth noting - these are small round cookies with pink hearts, decorating the top of the baubles. One would like to wish you tasty!

14,39 EUR
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