• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  8,5cm

Christmas gingerbread, just like Christmas baubles, are one of the most important attributes of Christmas.

It's hard to imagine the end of a Christmas Eve dinner without gingerbreads smelling of spices. And just like baubles, gingerbreads have an unlimited number of designs and shapes! Especially since, in addition to flat gingerbread cookies, spatial gingerbread constructions are also very popular, reproducing the most varied shapes.

We decided to combine these two festive worlds and so we created our bauble ─ gingerbread Merry-go-round. So what we have here is a glass Christmas tree decoration that reproduces a confectionery work made of gingerbread dough, inspired by a traditional merry-go-round from a funfair. So many associations in one bauble!

Take a look at the beautiful decoration of our glass merry-go-round. Here we have a gingerbread cake of dark brown frosting, brightened up with batches of white icing of shimmering glitter. Golden horses, attached to red and white sugar sticks, merrily gallop across the icing platform. The whole bauble decoration is enlivened with dots of glittering brown glitter and numerous golden pearls.

31,46 EUR
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