• Colour:  white-gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  12cm x 7cm

Cakes may be surely called masterpieces of confectionary art.

They delight not only with their sophisticated taste, intriguing combination of pastry and various creams, but also amaze with their appearance and magnificent decorations. And as we know, everything that is beautiful and decorative inspires glass Christmas baubles…. That is why we also created a magnificent, white cake with sugar roses.
Our cake Christmas tree bauble would make every confectioner proud. The cake is impressive, with three layers and delicious decorations. Every layer of the cake is decorated with a white net of threaded shiny pearls and a sprinkle of little gold-coloured balls. Icing made of transparent glass glitter with gold and silver inserts gently drips from the edges. But the main decorations of our bauble are certainly gentle white roses, integrated into golden leaves.
Christmas baubles are perfectly suitable for nice gifts and souvenirs from important events. Our cake maintained in white and gold colours evokes the first impression of a wedding cake. But that is not all: it can also remind us of birthdays, baptism receptions, anniversaries, jubilees.... Or it can simply be a feast for our eyes as an original glass bauble, very decorative and very beautifully made.

24,15 EUR
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