• Colour:  gold
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  7,5cm x 3,5cm

Figure baubles sweets-shaped and - most of all - the candy ones, have been very popular for a long time.

They allude to the tradition of hanging true sweets on Christmas trees and giving candies to children during the Christmas time. We think that everyone remembers this moment of great curiosity which flavour is hidden inside colourful foil?
Out glass baubles - candies are a really Christmas surprise. In the decoration golden colour prevails, the varnished background is golden as well as the glitter twisted edges of sweet wrappers. In the central part, the bauble’s decoration is enriched with a holly motif: three green leaves and red crystals as small fruits. The colours make this decoration very universal: it look beautifully within greenery and fits various decorations.
It happened very often that after eating real candy only thread was left on the Christmas tree. Our candies will surely survive longer!

10,98 EUR
Only few pieces remained.