• Colour:  dark blue
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  11cm

The bauble figurines inspired by sea fauna are a whole separate collection in our offer for you.

In our sea world we have glass baubles of fish, sea horses, turtles, starfish and various shells.

And we couldn't miss one of the most wonderful and amazing sea creatures, which is of course the octopus!

We named our glass octopus the inked octopus. This is thanks to the beautiful colour of the dark blue lacquer with metallic gloss, which covers the whole bauble. Details are highlighted by dots of tiny glitter in an intense green colour. An important role in the decoration of the bauble is also played by tiny glass balls, which imitate sea water. Glass pebbles in emerald colour also decorate the head of our octopus. It is really beautiful!

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