• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  egg
  • Size:  5cm x 3,5cm

Christmas tree baubles shaped like small eggs are universal ornaments.

They wonderfully decorate Christmas trees, both the small ones, which they fit in size, and the big ones of really impressive shapes. In the latter case, little egg baubles diversify the whole decoration, contrasting with balls and large forms. Small eggs also beautifully adorn centrepieces and all kinds of Christmas arrangements.
The name of these hand-painted baubles comes from the surname of the famous tsarist jeweller Faberge. The reason behind it is very simple – most decorations of these ornaments refer to famous Easter eggs that Peter Carl Faberge made from the most expensive bullion for the tsarist family.
But our little egg glass baubles that we present here refer to completely different inspirations. Thanks to their colours and delicate pearly decoration, they resemble distant boundless marine waters and the richness of the marine world.
Each of the set's three eggs has a different background: pale pink, blue and light mint green. Subtle decorations are created from pearls – white and transparent – and silver glitter. Little egg baubles are carefully made, shiny, elegant, and sophisticated – they will surely become a beautiful decoration in your interiors!

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