• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  9cm x 8cm

Starfish have always delighted with their enormous variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

It is hard to believe that these gorgeous, picturesque creatures, hiding at the bottom of seas, under underwater rocks and coral reefs, are dangerous predators.... Their beauty and variety of colours have been inspiring artists for centuries – we know the first visual images of starfish from Minoan ceramics. They have probably gained the greatest popularity in late Gothic period in Portugal, decorating Manueline buildings.
Everything that is beautiful and decorates, also inspires Christmas baubles. For this reason, these mysterious sea creatures have also been reflected many times in glass decorations.
Our starfish are truly remarkable baubles. They glisten with semi-transparent, rainbow colours, from yellow to red to green and blue. The bauble surface is additionally decorated with numerous shiny crystals, asymmetrically arranged around the central, iridescent diamond. On the other hand, on the arms of the starfish, little transparent glass balls are placed, giving it a soft "watery" character.
Bauble figurines reflecting the fantastic world of sea fauna are very popular and gladly purchased decorations. For this reason, each season, we expand this collection offered to you with great pleasure.

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