• Colour:  multicolor
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  icicle
  • Size:  5,5cm x 3,5 cm

Christmas glass balls - icicles are very charming ornaments, matching various decorations and arrangements.

Traditional icicles have a strongly elongated shape resembling true ice formations from which the name of these glass balls comes from. We would like to offer you icicles with a slightly different shape: they are shorter and squatter, they actually resemble large drops. However, it's not only their shape that makes them so perfect for our collection Sea World. It's also due to their "water" colors which are dominated by light blue, silver and white. The background of each icicle is sprinkled with fine glass globules. As a result, our drops look like they are covered with real drops of water.
Our glass balls icicles come in sets of three, one color in each set. When it comes to similar shapes and sizes, the ExArte store also offers Colourful glimmers icicles. Feel free to create a collective decoration from all the icicles. Water and fire together? Yes, opposites love one another.

11,95 EUR
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