• Colour:  silver
  • Material:  glass
  • Shape:  other shape
  • Size:  11cm x 9cm

We present to you handmade baubles with a very interesting geometrical form.

The body of our Christmas tree bauble is created from numerous triangular walls, forming a whole full of bends and slight slants. The originality and lightness is added to this form by its very subtle decoration, emphasising the extraordinary shape of the bauble itself. The background is transparent, only in some places covered with fine glass beads, which look like real frost. As a result, we can see the decoration applied on the other side of the ornament through "windows" of only pure glass, without decorations. In combination with the refraction and reflection of light on slanted walls, this provides a truly unusual effect. An important role in the decoration is performed by silver glitter, which highlights all edges of the ornament. In turn, the crystal diamonds located on the corners of the form add an elegant shine.
Our original geometric baubles, thanks to their delicate colours and, above all, unique form, fit perfectly with the latest trends in the design of Christmas ornaments.

13,41 EUR
Only few pieces remained.