New products

New patterns of hand-painted Christmas tree ornaments

Imagination knows no bounds. It goes beyond what we already know. Stimulates constant creation. Creation of novelties.

Our glass Christmas balls are made all year round. From January we start working on projects, selection of materials, and color compositions. And then, successively, we introduce new baubles to our store. The goal of this many months of work is one - to prepare all new assortments for the beginning of the next holiday season.

Handmade baubles – a wealth of inspiration

If you are searching for unconventional Christmas baubles, it is certainly worth taking a look at our novelties. We look for inspiration to design new baubles everywhere. Nature, everyday objects, toys, works of art and even food products stimulate imagination of our artists. It is worth knowing that handmade glass baubles, just like other decorations, are subject to trends. In ExArte we move with the time and this is why we participate in Christmasworld trade fair in Frankfurt every year. We get acquainted with new techniques of glass bauble making there as well as with the current fashion.

The most beautiful glass baubles available all year round

The collections of baubles which our customers trust the most are successively expanded. Please remember that our offer is not only extended during the Christmas season: our bauble factory is open all year round! Due to this at every next Christmas we can surprise you with the most beautiful glass ornaments that you can’t take your eyes off.