Glass Christmas balls is the leading article of our ExArte online store.

Our glass Christmas baubles are offered to you as part of colour and theme collections. This is a great solution for those who are looking for decorations connected with a particular style. We guarantee that everyone, regardless of taste and expectations, will find a perfectly matched decoration in our bauble factory. Lose yourself in our world full of charm, sparkle and colour.

Hand-painted baubles in your own style

In all of our collections you will find Christmas baubles in the most fashionable, timeless shapes and colours,  ranging from balls and egg baubles inspired by the famous designs of the Tsar's goldsmith, Peter Carl Faberge, to the various figurine baubles representing Santa, snowman, toys, animals and hearts. Our shop could not miss beautiful glass stars and Christmas tree toppers, too. The novelty, which will be appreciated by fans of elegant and unique decorations, are hand-painted baubles in the shape of geometrical solids.

Christmas baubles: a feast of colours and shapes

ExArte offer includes collections of baubles deriving from Christmas traditions established for decades. The best examples are our bestseller baubles from the Classic, In Red or Vintage collections. Moreover, at ExArte you will also find decorations related to a specific theme. Our main inspiration is the beauty of nature found in different parts of the world. This includes amazing collections Covered with white frost or, for contrast, inspired by the colourful and hot world as in Colours of Peacock Feathers or Sea World collection.

We know that many people want to prepare an unusual and funny version of Christmas tree. Among our thematic collections you will find unobvious figurine baubles, evoking wonderful associations and a smile. These are, for example, the tasty decorations from the Chocolate Factory collection. We also have fanciful decorations for nature lovers: baubles inspired by the beauty of nature from the In the enchanted forest collection.  And all enthusiasts of innovative Christmas baubles, designed according to the latest trends, are invited to discover the Chic and splendour collection, the Lights of Night collection and the Crystal Structure collection, which give the Christmas tree a very elegant character.

Creativity has no boundaries

We want to become your favourite Christmas tree ornament shop, that is why we do our best to diversify our assortment. We encourage you to keep an eye on ExArte offer. We regularly introduce new collections of fanciful Christmas baubles.